Install the

Axure RP Extension For Chrome

Chrome requires this extension to view locally stored prototypes. Install it below or if you prefer, use another browser or host the prototype on a web server like AxShare.


1. Install the Extension (free)

2. Open the Chrome Extensions Page


3. Check "Allow access to file URLs"

4. View the Prototype

Extension FAQs

What is a Chrome Extension?
Extensions are extra features and functionality that you can add to Google Chrome.

Why do I need to install the extension?
This extension is only needed when viewing prototype files stored on a local drive in Chrome. Prototypes hosted on web server can be viewed in Chrome without the extension.

Why does this extension require a high access level?
Access is required so the scripts and frames within the prototype can work within the file:// protocol (local files). Axure does not track or access any of your information.

How do I install without an internet connection?
Open the Extensions page in Chrome (Step 2). Then, open Windows Explorer or Finder and drag "resources/chrome/axure-chrome-extension.crx" in this prototype folder to the Extensions page.

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